How to Create a Focal Point Wall

No matter what room you enter into, there is always going to be something that catches your eye; the focal point. It is human nature to have something that we focus on as soon as we enter a new surrounding. That focal point can be a piece of furniture, a detail such as a fireplace, or even the view outside the windows. However, the focal point could end up being something unappealing such as a television or even a blank wall. The focal point is something that you want to have control over as this can influence the feel of the room.

Furniture Stores Kitchener Focal Point Wall

When it comes to creating a focal point, one of the easiest things that could be done is simply creating a focal point wall. The focal point wall is sometimes called an accent wall and these work to break up the monotony of a room featuring too much of the similar color. Having the ability to control your guest’s gaze with simply an existing wall in your home is a wonderful tool. Every room needs a focal point and if you have interesting architecture or a particularly large wall, then creating a focal point wall is a great idea.

While you might have the idea of creating a focal point wall in your home, you may not have any idea of what to do or where to start. One of the first things to do is see if you have a wall that is appropriate to becoming a focal point wall. A focal point wall should either be a wall that has an interesting detail such as a built in shelving, exposed brick, or other unique architecture details. If you do not find yourself with a wall that has something unique about it, look and see if all of your walls are a neutral tone or share similar colors. If they do, you should be able to choose one that you want to stand out.

Once you have your potential wall chosen, you can then begin to think of what you want to do to make it stand out. An obvious option is to simply paint the wall a bold color to separate it from the other walls. If all of your walls are beige besides a bright red wall, then people will gravitate to looking at the red wall. Color and paint is not the only thing that you can use to make a wall stand out. Different textures can also help a wall stand out. An easy example of the is simply to have a brick wall. The brick will make it separate from the other surrounding walls. If you don’t want to texturize a wall and aren’t comfortable with paint, then using wallpaper is an option. Wallpaper allows for more creative choices without needing to commit to something for years.

Creating a focal point wall can help tie your room together. You can direct your guest’s gaze and improve the look and feel of your room by simply making one wall different from the rest. An accent wall is a wonderful addition if done well.

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