Top 10 Tips for Buying a New Mattress

When shopping for a new mattress, you have to realize that first and foremost it is an investment. You should take your time while making this purchase, as it is one that will affect your sleep for the next ten years. With a decade of good nights sleep on the line, it becomes more and more apparent that taking your time to select, and test drive, a new mattress is vital to your comfort. Here is a list of the top ten things that you need to do when you're out shopping for your next mattress. Your back will thank you.

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1. Research

Before you go to any store to purchase a mattress, you’ll want to do your research online. There are countless options nowadays, and having a good idea of what you want, or at least some brands that you trust, will help keep you from getting overwhelmed and help you make your decision when you go into the store.

2. Watch Out for Medical Claims

There are a lot of mattresses that sell themselves based on orthopedics. While these mattresses do often have orthopedic benefits, they are misleading. Don’t just purchase a mattress because of a claim that it will fix any back pain, do research beforehand and remain skeptical.

3. If You have Back Problems, Talk to Your Doctor!

If you do have back problems or any sleep disorder, talk to your doctor before you go mattress shopping. Your doctor will be able to give you medical advice on what kind bed you need. It may be that you need something firm or an adjustable bed, but having that advice is critical in your decision making.

4. Firm or Soft?

While most people think that a firm bed is a ticket to less back pain, that is not always the case. Usually, a firmer bed, rather than a softer bed, does help with back pain, but too firm a bed can cause pain as well. A bed that is medium-firm is the best for most people struggling with back pain.

5. Pillow Top?

Pillow tops can be a great option, but that isn't necessary for everyone. If you're a very light and small person, then your body will not be heavy enough to press up against the coils, which is why mattresses come with pillow tops. If this is the case, you can forgo a pillow top.

6. Test Drive the Mattress!

This is the most important thing you can do when purchasing a mattress! Take at least ten minutes to lay on each mattress, in various sleep positions, to see if it would work for you. If you sleep with a partner, then make sure they are there too so that you can feel how it would be if you were sleeping next to them. Don't just spend a few seconds laying on each bed. Get a feel for them.

7. Would Adjustable be Best?

Some people find adjustable beds more comfortable, especially if they like to read or watch television in bed. For others, an adjustable bed helps them with medical conditions such as sleep apnea. Test an adjustable bed out to see if it works for you.

8. Ask About a Trial Period

Some companies offer a period where, if the mattress just isn't working for you, you can bring it back and exchange it for a new one. Don't be afraid to ask around to see who is willing to offer this perk. It could save you a lot of money.

9. Look at the Warranty

Any good mattress should have a ten-year warranty. Check to make sure that the mattress you are purchasing has one before buying.

10. Waterproofing!

When you're buying your mattress, don't forget to purchase a waterproof bed protector. Water not only damages mattresses, but any staining on a mattress voids the warranty!

At Comfort Plus Furniture we want you to luxuriate in your new mattress, and have the best night sleep of your life. Come into our store today and test drive our top quality mattresses for yourself. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you select the best mattress for you!

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