Mattresses and Bedding That Will Keep You Cool

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

We have all been there before: it’s a hot summer night, and the heat is so oppressive that it seems almost impossible to fall asleep. While it may seem like this unfortunate situation is a necessary and unavoidable by-product of the summer months, we here at Comfort Plus Furniture, your premier furniture store in Waterloo, know that this does not have to be the case. Instead, we believe that nighttime should be a time of serenity and ultimate comfort, and we know just the tips and tricks in regards to mattresses and bedding to achieve this.

In terms of mattresses, breathability is key. For optimal comfort on hot nights, your mattress needs to be highly breathable to allow for the dissipation and escape of heat.

Most mattresses—traditional memory foam—are not especially breathable; they trap heat in the mattress, which creates that severe level of discomfort we feel at night. Some mattress companies have started putting in breathable tops on their foam mattresses, but this is just masking a major problem. Breathable tops are an improvement, but foam mattresses are, on a fundamental level, relatively ill-equipped to contend with the hot summer nights that are the focus of this post. Instead, you should turn to other types of mattresses, like innerspring and natural latex mattresses, as they are better in respect to heat retention, and better heat retention equals more comfort!

Bedding is another critical factor affecting comfort on hot nights. Put simply, do your best to avoid synthetic materials. Synthetic materials, in a matter akin to foam mattresses, trap heat and consequently only add to your discomfort at night. In place of these synthetic materials, you should turn to natural materials like silk, linen, wool, and cotton. These materials are vastly more breathable than synthetic materials, so they allow for the easier dispersal of heat; this will help you stay more comfortable! In conjunction with the lighter, more breathable materials, move away from using heavy sheets, such as thick duvets and comforters. Such items are perfectly suitable for the winter time and cold weather, but in the summer, they are a big annoyance to comfortable sleeping. In contrast, light blankets can be used on hot, humid nights if you still want some sort of cover while you sleep: their lightness is conducive for breathability and the escape of heat.

These bedding tips, when combined with the above advice on mattresses, should help you stay cool and get some comfortable sleep in the hot summer months.

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