5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Guest Bedroom Mattress

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

How is shopping for a guest bedroom mattress different from buying for your own bedroom?

It’s simple! Firstly, you may want to splurge on a higher quality mattress for yourself.

Second, for a guest bedroom, you will have to consider a mattress that fits the needs of different people of diverse age groups, tastes, and health conditions. How do you go about choosing one? Here, let us help you!

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Common Questions to Consider When Shopping for a Guest Bedroom Mattress

1. Should you consider big brands?

If you want the best for your guests, you may consider big brands for your spare bedroom. However, if popular brands are beyond your budget, there are enough good quality, cost-effective choices among lesser known brands. Never go online to buy used mattresses. Although they are cheap, you never know what condition they are in. Used mattresses with holes can harbour bed bugs and bacteria. Stained mattresses are unhygienic. A better bet is to consider store floor model mattress that has never been slept on. You should be able to negotiate for a better deal.

2. Should you look for a King-Sized mattress or Queen Sized?

Queen sized mattresses and box springs are the popular choice for a spare room because most guest bedrooms won’t be spacious enough to sport a king-sized bed. A king-sized bed is also not always comfortable for a single person using the guest bedroom. Queen sized beds are cozy, comfortable, and practical.

3. What are the advantages of investing in a high-quality mattress for your guest?

A high-quality mattress may help a snorer sleep better, allowing you to sleep better in the next room too. Your guests wake up refreshed and more relaxed. A comfortable mattress can also help those with back pains or health disorders sleep better. They offer more comfort to aged seniors and young children. You wouldn’t want your guests to wake up in the morning with aches and pains, blaming your mattress for their discomfort, right? Whether you have guests for one night or more, it is always a gracious gesture to treat them the way you would want to be treated as someone’s guest. A High-quality mattress also offers you the choice to sleep in a spare bedroom if needed.

4. Should you invest in a firm mattress or a soft one?

High-quality mattresses have a longer lifespan. This is more cost effective than buying a cheaper one that wears out faster. It is also wise to consider the height of the mattress. Elderly people and children will have it tougher getting in and out beds with a higher mattress.

Those that are too firm can cause discomfort for some just as soft ones may be uncomfortable for others. Mattresses are a personal choice. Lie on it yourself to sense the comfort level. The best bet would be to buy a firm mattress with a soft mattress protector.

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