Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Dining Table

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There are many factors to consider when choosing the best dining table for you and your family. When you step into a furniture store, make sure you have a plan in mind, one based on several questions you asked yourself before leaving the house. What are these questions that will make your shopping experience less stressful? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out.

What’s Your Decorative Style?

If your home is decked out in traditional, modern or rustic designs, then you’ll want your dining table to flow with the rest of your aesthetic. More traditional tables are made of darker wood that features ornate legs. It’s more suited for special occasions rather than daily use. Choosing the opposite, a rustic style table topped with an unfinished wood look, is perfect for day to day use. Lastly, right in the middle is the modern dining table, usually a mix of wood, glass and/or metal, can suit any occasion.

What Shape will Work Best with Your Space?

As dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right one for your space can be overwhelming. If you have a smaller dining room, an oval-shaped table will enhance the space more than a rounded table, which is more suited for a larger room. A square-shaped table will work best in more narrow spaces and rectangular tables thrive in larger dining rooms.

What Material Interests You?

Dining tables come in a variety of materials to choose from, including solid wood, wood veneer, glass, metal, natural stone, plastic and laminate. The overall style of your home, as mentioned above, will determine which material best suits your aesthetic. However, you also need to keep in mind which material will suit your lifestyle. If you have children running around, then a glass or metal table with sharp, modern edges probably isn’t the best idea. If you like to entertain a lot, purchase something that’s more sturdy and long-lasting than plastic. Consider how you’ll most use the table before choosing its material.

What are the Seating Options?

Are you interested in having chairs that match the table in colour and style, or perhaps going for a bench instead? Whatever you decide, the height of the table will determine which chairs you’ll be taking home with you. As there should be 12 inches of space between your seat of choice and the underside of the table, choosing a dining table that’s too tall or too short will result in an uncomfortable dining experience for your guests.

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