How to Care For Your Mattress

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Not only does your mattress contribute to better sleep, but it also directly affects your physical health. Therefore, it is important to care for and protect your investment. Many of us buy a mattress and don’t maintain it. Listed below are detailed suggestions to ensure you are properly caring for and maintaining your mattress:

Rotate It

To ensure that your mattress does not wear out over time due to being weighed down in the same areas, rotate it regularly. Rotate your mattress end to end every two weeks to make sure that it is wearing evenly for the first four months after your purchase and then every six months after.

Vacuum It

Many people don’t think about vacuuming their mattresses, but it is essential in order to make sure it is well maintained as it prevents dust from embedding between the mattress’ layers.

Mattress Protector/Topper Using a mattress topper decrease the wear of the material, and prevent direct liquid spills from seeping into your mattress and damaging the material. A mattress protector ensures that your mattress’ upholstery is kept in good condition.

Ventilation Whether you are first setting up your mattress or cleaning it, proper ventilation is essential. The material inside your mattress requires proper ventilation as moisture can become trapped within the layers of your mattress and damage it. When you first get your mattress, allow it to ventilate and leave it uncovered for three to four hours. After doing a spot clean, keep your doors and windows open to make sure it airs out and dries up completely.

Proper Support

Making sure your mattress is properly supported preserves its materials and prevents early wear and tear. For a spring mattress, the usual go to are box springs, while memory foam and other specialty mattresses require firm support, such as a wooden frame. It is also smart to inspect your bed’s support once a year to ensure that there are no broken pieces or springs that can affect your mattress.

Wash Your Linens Frequently

While you sleep, you sweat, shed skin cells, and oils. The day-to-day activities of eating in bed and cuddling with your dog makes it inevitable that your linens will get dirty. In addition to making sleeping in your bed uncomfortable, these things can get into the layers of your mattress, breeding bacteria. Washing your bedsheets ideally every week will not only ensure that you have a refreshing and clean sleeping experience, but will also keep your mattress free of unwanted bacteria and dust mites.

No Jumping!

Jumping on the bed mostly affects spring mattresses, but the foundation of foam mattresses are prone to damage. Protect your investment and quality sleep and keep jumping off the bed.

Clean It Every manufacturer provides directions for stain removal or general cleaning for their mattresses. Following those directions and refraining from using harsh chemicals will maintain the integrity of your mattress. Stains should be treated with a simple soap and water solution and should be left to dry completely before putting on linens.

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