Tips to Give Your Home That WOW Factor

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

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We all want that ‘wow’ factor when it comes to our home and following a few simple decorating tips will help you transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

  1. Design the room around a focal point to create immediate interest and add character to the room. A perfect way of achieving this is by adding a freestanding fireplace or a one of a kind cabinet with lighting that highlights special household items. Both of these will become the focal point of the room and make the space unique. There are no rules and there are a number of items that can command attention, so have fun and accentuate one feature in the room to create a focal point.

  2. Don’t shy away from large pieces of décor like artwork or accessories because these oversized items will make your home stand out. Consider adding a large scale painting, big lighting fixtures or a massive area rug to the room and you’ll notice a beautiful change right away. If you do decide to do this, select one large piece that is important to you instead of scattering several smaller accessories around the room. You will also have to consider the size of the space you have so that you don’t select a size that is overwhelming because it will not suit the room.

  3. Quality always matters, so select pieces that are made of top quality materials because it will show and will be appreciated. Quality items will also last a lot longer so you can enjoy their beauty and elegance for many years, which is especially important when it comes to furniture. Take a look at the construction of the items and reputation of the brand and select designs that are durable.

  4. Be bold! If your home has a lot of neutral colours like whites and soft grays, add a pop of colour into the mix by adding fun accessories like pillows and rugs that are bold and bright. This will add contrast and create drama so that the space is not boring. You can select accessories with graphic patterns or even create an accent wall by painting it an interesting colour that is different and stands out from the other paint colours around your home.

  5. Select designs and décor accessories that reflect your personal style and taste. This will give the room a sense of individuality and make it unique. Personalize your space because you’ll love it forever and your home will stand out from the crowd.

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