Best Dining Table Styles For Your Home

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The winter season calls for endless gatherings, dinner parties, drinks and entertaining guests galore. Where do guests gather for these special events you’re hosting? The dining room. It’s no secret that the dining table is the centrepiece of the entire evening. It also serves as a symbol of your lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to invest in a piece of dining room furniture that reflects your mood and style but is also practical, durable and suitable for your family or guests.

There are a myriad of dining table styles, colours, sizes and textures, which can make it difficult to find the perfect one for your home. Fortunately, Comfort Plus Furniture has compiled a guide of the best dining table styles below to make your decision much easier.

1. Farmhouse Dining Table

A farmhouse dining table is quite open, traditional, subtle and warm. This piece of the home furniture complements and completes a rustic interior for homes with a quaint, comfortable style. Farmhouse tables integrate into a traditional, vintage-styled home well to resemble a country farmhouse-esque look. Made of rough, hard and durable wood, farmhouse tables are large to seat several individuals and incredibly sturdy.

2. Pedestal Dining Table

Pedestal dining tables are designed with a round tabletop that is completely flat with one single leg keeping it sturdy under the top, in the middle of the table. This dining table style is quite modern, savvy and stylish to complete a dining room without overwhelming it in size. Coming in a variety of colours, styles and textures, the pedestal table is functional in virtually any room and suits many interior styles.

3. Parsons Dining Table

The Parsons dining table is arguably the most contemporary table on our list. Completely streamlined, smooth and stylish, the Parsons dining table is subtle and simple with smooth, straight angles. This table does not need any ornamentation to enhance its look, as the clean silhouette makes this style a perfect fit for modern interiors that center on minimalism.

4. Traditional Dining Table

Traditional dining tables have been a fan-favourite for many homeowners for decades. Consisting of stable wood and a high-shine material, these tables may come equipped with carved features and meticulous detail or no ornamentation whatsoever. Traditional dining tables command the room as large, beautiful but delicate furniture that can seat several guests or just a few. Traditional dining tables can suit basically any home interior, but pair well with a large, highly detailed chandelier illuminating over it and with traditional dining chairs that are made of elegant wood.

Comfort Plus Furniture is one of the best home furniture stores in Kitchener offering a vast selection of incredible home furniture choices to complete and customize your home. Whether you desire comfort and convenience or modern and stylish, we guarantee our store will have the perfect picks for you. Check out our products or visit our home furniture store to find the perfect pieces for you!

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