How to Care for Wooden Furniture in Winter

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

During the winter season, it’s really easy for furniture to be destroyed. Wooden furniture, particularly, will freeze and then get wet. The drastic change in temperatures result in damaged goods. If you’re unsure of how to protect these items, you can call us at Comfort Plus Furniture, where we have a wide selection of furniture, mattresses, and anything else you need for your home! However, if you’re unable to find ways to protect your precious surroundings, we’ve got some tips on how to protect your furniture at home.

Humidity Control

These cold days can be unforgiving at times. In summer, wood tends to expand due to the humidity. However, in the winter, wood will contract for the exact same reason. Items like solid wood dining tables and chairs are easily affected by the changes in humidity. The good news is that there are different ways to combat the humidity so that it doesn’t damage your furniture nearly as bad.

One way to do this is to control the temperature in the rooms that contain wooden furniture. By doing this, you are limiting the amount of potential damage that could be done to your precious wooden goods. It’s also very easy to measure the humidity levels, like using a hygrometer or humidifier.

Keeping Wooden Furniture Away From Heat

Solid wood furniture is very durable in a lot of cases. With that being said, an excessive amount of heat can do a lot of damage to items that are great conductors, such as wooden furniture. This includes tables, chairs, desks, hardwood flooring, etc. The best way to ensure that you keep everything safe is by placing your furniture at a comfortable distance from heating vents or heaters of any kind.

Water Damage

Leaving your wooden furniture exposed to water or moisture for too long can result in white and cloudy-like marks, which would ruin the surface. In situations like this, repairing the damaged furniture can cost a lot of money. In other situations, the damage is beyond repair, regardless of the cost.

Another way wooden furniture can get damaged is through placing beverages that are too hot or cold directly on the armrest. A good way to determine whether or not your beverage is too hot or too cold for your furniture is to judge whether it’s too extreme for your own hands. If not, then feel free to leave it close by your wooden furniture. However, if the temperature of the cup is too extreme for you, then refrain from putting it anywhere near your wooden goods. For example, if you’re having hot chocolate, it would be wise to put it on a coaster so that the temperature doesn’t affect the carefully finished wood.

If you have any questions regarding the handling of your wooden furniture, especially given the change in extreme temperatures, feel free to call Comfort Plus Furniture at 519-893-8118. We look forward to seeing you and assisting you with any questions you may have.

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